SOL: Backpacking Essentials

My first major item for Europe – I purchased the Cragalot 48L pack through Mountain Equipment Co. for an unbelievable $60! They shipped it out immediately and I LOVE it.

The size is perfect for those who are petite, the straps are supportive and padded – the true test will be the few months it’s put to good use! I especially love the side zipper access as well as the top opening – it gives me a feeling of security with the pack. I got the all black version – looks are still important and I was wary of purchasing a pink and purple sack. The lime green accents brighten it up a bit without making me feel like I’m wearing a neon sign that says “target me, please.”

Because it is 48L and the dimensions are (in centimetres): H70 – W39 – L34, I’m not worried about space to fit my stuff. On the way over, I initially wanted to be able to check this bag as a carry-on, but after reassessing my itinerary I will be checking this bag and bringing a smaller backpack as a carry-on. Packing light has never been one of my fortes!

One downside is that it’s not waterproof, but has cheap waterproof covers for their packs which will come in handy. In terms of durability I think it is built well, and Mountain Equipment Co. has an excellent reputation.

Very excited to bring this with me on my trip next year!

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