SOL: French & Vegan Cuisine

SOL: French & Vegan Cuisine

I’m a bit slow to adjust to the WWOOF lifestyle, especially on a permaculture farm, but the food is absolutely amazing.

All vegan, all organic. Hummus, bread, soups, oat loaf and fresh fruits and veggies. Yuppie vegan dream.

3 thoughts on “SOL: French & Vegan Cuisine

  1. It a
    It all sounds fabulous. I know I would love all. (no, most) of that food. I’m impressed with the view of your surroundings as well. I’m so happy that you’re having such an amazing experience. You truly are an amazing granddaughter, and the best part is that you are MY Granddaughter. I’m so proud of the beautiful woman that you are.
    Love, Mimi

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