SOL: Running in the Mountains and Sunday Roast

SOL: Running in the Mountains and Sunday Roast

Sunday was spent in a state of semi-relaxation. In the morning we all got the morning tasks done, then did some gardening until lunch.

After lunch we drove to a local “street market” which is like a city-wide thrift store. It was a bunch of random crap, but there were some cool old trunks and vintage furniture that would have been cool to buy. Alas, I only walked away with two new scarves.

Afterwards I sat by the pool and finished reading The Alchemist, (which I will review later), and then decided to go for a run. It’s so beautiful running here and I’m continuously stopping to look at the mountains and the view. Naturally I got lost, and I’m fairly certain my legs will be dead tomorrow.

Sunday dinner is themed as “Vegan Roast” and we ate garlic-roasted potatoes, pea soup, cauliflower, oat loaf, homemade bread and cake. Good lord, Namua’s cooking is going to kill me! And of course the pitcher of wine that we manage to go through every evening.

French living is truly the way to go.



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