SOL: Taking A Break, Dino Sheets & Solitude

SOL: Taking A Break, Dino Sheets & Solitude

After a hectic 62 hours, I arrived safely back at my host house in Laroque des Albères. It was my hope that the mini-vacation to Spain would recharge my batteries and let me finish the next two weeks of WWOOF-ing with renewed zest. It seems like it has – the daily tasks were not so painful, although now I’m the only worker as the two other girls jumped ship. I’m looking forward to sticking it out here and completing the one month stay that I promised myself and my host. It’s hard to believe that I have become accostomed to snakes in the pool, compost in the toilet, frogs as an alarm clock and early mornings at the market but alas, it has happened.

Part of getting “home” after the Spain trip was unpacking my bags and reorganizing my things. As I was changing the sheets I found the motherload – a Jurassic Park duvet cover! I have a slight (read: all-consuming) Dino obsession and these sheets were enough to perk up my morning. It’s the small things, right?

I had the entire day to myself, as my host was completing errands and left me to finish my tasks as I saw fit. After over two weeks of constant company and interaction, being able to toss on some headphones and garden resulted in a very zen-like state. I’m trying to refocus my travels onto self-discovery, and as a result I’ve deleted two social media accounts (SnapChat and Instagram) in an attempt to distance myself from my life back home. The constant reminders and updates were distracting from the NOW. Baby steps.

Happy Thursday everyone,

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