SOL: Wine

I broke into your house
Grabbed the wine from your kitchen
Counter, covered in mushrooms
Stashed among your acid in a tin
I climbed the stairs to your room
Taking swigs from the bottle
Until my lips were stained
Red, like a whore’s rouge
I found you there
Lying on the four poster bed
Looking like maybe you knew all along
That I’d find my way back to you
Your smug Cheshire Cat grin
Lasts long enough for me to
Step out of my dress with the roses
Letting it fall to the ground like petals
Watching your hands rise until
Your mouth is on mine, suffocating
As if I’m holding the antidote at the
Back of my throat
We rip into each other, voracious
I feel the bottle drop
Spill, fall over
As I bite into your earlobe
The fleeting thought enters my mind
You pair nicely with a bottle of wine

3AM Thoughts // AKA “You Taste Bitter But You Feel Inspiring.”

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