SOL: Daydreams

Pervaded by thoughts of you
My troubled mind seeks sleep
Subconscious wants winding around
The base of my skull
Until I cannot rest for the deep soul ache
The innate desire to have your body
Creating a concave, fitting around me
No edges untouched, a missing puzzle piece
I must have kissed you fifty times in a daydream
Before I worked up the nerve to trace
Your bottom lip with a fingerprint
If my eyes could speak they would admit
To coveting the curve of your mouth
And the way you throw your head back
Like a child when you laugh
I admit to selfish dreams
To imagining in a haze the way your hands
Would intimately curl around my skin
How nimble gestures could undo
Knots and push through layers
A matryoshka doll in your pliant hands
Funny how people become beacons
Or lighthouses, or saviours
All I ask is for is sweet professions and
Empty promises to reach a crescendo
Until it all comes crashing down and
One word gets passed between our tongues
Rattling through my lungs
It breathes to me, “Stay.”

3AM Thoughts // AKA “You Are All I Want For Christmas.”

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