SOL: Retribution

Your love is toxic, pernicious
It slips barbed wire into my veins
After each embrace and leaves my
Skin feeling oily, serpentine
You make me want to crawl back into
The abyss I dragged myself out of
As I tumble headlong into destruction
My last thought will be, “You made me this way…”
Some days I feel rotten
Not just shabby, but decrepit
As though you are leeching away
Everything bright in my world
Replacing love with half-truths and muttered asides
Do you want this, do you want us?
I meant it when I promised I would leave
You are the best and worst of me
You are the sensitive patch of skin
And the knife that sneaks right in
You make me sick, and I mean that
In the most gut-wrenching sense of the word
A sadness that is perverse and explicit
Permeating from skin to emotion to marrow
I feel a cold sweet rush of nothing
I feel nothing, do you hear me?
Numbness, senseless, relentless – I am speaking
In half-truths and spitting out bullets
Blindly handing you fragments of words
That I have been biting back for years
I was warned about lovers being toxic
But I fear it’s women too

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Blame Yourself For Getting Cut Off, You’re The One Who Handed Me The Knife.”

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