SOL: Day Trippin’

If there is one traveler’s sin I’ve committed while being in Spain (though in reality there have been many) it is the foolish mistake of becoming too rooted in one place. While residing in Sant Pol I have barely ventured north up the coast of Spain even though the train system makes it easy and painless. Thankfully one of my friends is going as stir-crazy as I am, so yesterday we went to a nearby village to rent a moped for a jet up towards Costa Brava.

After taking the train from Sant Pol to Pineda, we paid a 30E deposit and another 45E for nine hours of moped freedom. While our front signal light was held together by tape and the back tire was of questionable quality, this 125CC bike may as well have been a white chariot to freedom.

Maresme Map

We left Pineda and immediately went north through the other coastal tourist towns until stopping in Lloret de Mar for a walk along the beach. The further north we went up the coast the more coves we passed and the beaches became more secluded and beautiful. After a half hour trip on the moped (with me hanging on for dear life) we reached Tossa del Mar, situated evenly on the coast about 100KM from both Barcelona and the French border. We wandered through the quaint cobblestone streets and up through the old castle where we were able to take in amazing views of the city.

Tossa del Mar, Spain

Tossa del Mar

Tossa del Mar

Tossa del Mar

Tossa del Mar

Tossa del Mar

After stopping for a late lunch near the beach, we left Tossa and continued north and went up into the mountains before heading back to our stomping grounds. Getting away from Sant Pol for the day and seeing new sights was exactly what we needed; it’s too easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day drivel and let it stress you out. I was happy for the excursion, but equally happy to arrive to my house without being maimed on the back of the bike. I have a little more than two months left in this beautiful country and I am determined to make it count.

Safe travels,

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