SOL: Homage

You exited my life with
As little fanfare as you entered.
A still-warm kiss on a lover’s
Forehead in the morning
Closing doors and speaking on
Tip-toe to pretend you are
Doing what you believe is just.
You make me weary.
Your absence leeches light from the
Hollows in my bones, but I abhor
To seek you, if only to prove to us both
That I do not need you.
I felt it when you kissed someone new and
I hoped her lips washed away the
Bitter taste I left behind.
Letter after letter was written by
Trembling hands, well-worn prose
I was too afraid to post.
Your existence is the knife I allow
To nestle in my right side as
A perpetual reminder that you left.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “You Sent Me Roses & I Kissed the Thorns.”

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