SOL: ¿?

Do you write for him?
Does he know intimately the exquisite pleasure of having
Your mellifluous voice curling
Around his flesh, setting his skin on fire
Until he cannot sleep at night?
I lie in twisted sheets, drenched in sweat
Plagued by thoughts of you, of him, you touching him
My mind goes red, I think black, I hear evil
Tell me, I swear I need to know this
Do you offer yourself to him so convincingly that
In his darkest nightmares he would never
Dream to believe you would run on nimble feet away?
I want to slap the answers out of your mouth
Your teeth, your smile, the beautiful eyes that
Drew me in like a sailor on the sea and now
They laughingly watch me drown, you use my affections as weapons
You know the effect you have on me and you
Abuse it, these track marks on my skin are your lips, your hair
The smell of the nape of your neck, you intoxicate me
I slip into abyss hallucinating I feel your soft body wrapping around me
Like a question mark that never asks for answers
Complacent in blissful ignorance

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Questions He Asked, Answers I Avoided.”


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