SOL: Blackout

I see her in shades of black
Hair mussed, neck arched, she comes to me
In illicit visions, I lose myself in obscure memories
Until I clench sheets and veins start to shiver
The moment she left is when I wanted most
To be with her, elusive yet charming
Subconscious film loops until I am
Drunk on desire, spitting up gin
Scrubbing my cheek to expunge the
Wine coloured imprint she left on skin
Her own calling card, I’ll never find her again
Searching the streets for the
Creases of her smile, she destroyed my
Life in sheets, ate her way up my back until she felt my
Heartbeat between shoulder blades
Slipped the knife in deep and grinned as I gasped

3AM Thoughts // AKA “The Memory Tastes Sweeter Than The Moment.”

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