SOL: Rancor

If I am the culmination of my choices
You are the pennies I threw into each wishing well.
Kill the old self. Start anew.
Drag me down to earthly depths until I cannot
Sleep, fruitlessly seeking rest with a
Deep soul ache, permeating from skin
To rotten cadaverous bones.
Caress me down, protest my apprehensions, tell me
That my morning face carries dew.
Intoxicating peach fuzz, apricot coloured lips part into reluctant laughter –
Remind me we can always try again.
Lecherous attachment, sonorous lullabies whispered into ears at
Night to hide the guilt, soothe me into slumber so deep I
Will not awaken when you leave. Find me late, a thief in the nighttime
And feed me lies. Tell me more. Give me life again.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “A Cause, An Answer, An Exemption to Prayer.”

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