SOL: Excuses

I gave myself over to you solely because
I had nothing else left
Your incompetent hands made a mockery of
The velvet dress draping my knees but I
Still smiled, still looked for something pure
In your gluttonous eyes
A pit-stop on the winding road to madness
You offered respite from the incessant clanging of my
Goddamn wants, needs, the have-to-have-you’s
If I could give you answers to the ticks
Of the clock lodged within my sternum, you know I would
Lost somewhere upon empty fields, awash in wild
Hypocrisy, lusty illusions, spurring on a fire burning brighter only
To be expunged far too soon

3AM Thoughts // AKA “My Hypothetical Love Is The Purest Form of Adoration.”

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