SOL: Affected

I jumped a plane to stay with him for
Sixteen days, just to wet my lips with
The way he tastes, the friendly reminder of
Skin on skin and better yet, the softest little dip in my spine
He always finds with his hips
Never asking for much aside from my
Complete submission, open arms, mouth divine
Putting bite marks on all I aspire to be
Mine; spinning sweet lullabies as cobwebs line the
Door, masking the tenderness of all that remains
The small patch of grass in my soul I’ve been saving for
Fleeting moments like this, roguish palms
Fingers lined with grease, in love with the way his tattoos
Clash when he lays in the sheets, he makes resistance impossible
When he implores me not to leave

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Desire is not rational, but neither is love.”

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