SOL: Juxtaposition

Echoing sonnets ring from the ceiling
Your hand on my chest and
An ache coursing through spine
Bent over promises I made as
You come to collect on cold hard tiles
It was better before but
Bargaining for life will suffice
Daydreaming of freedom, praying softly into pillows for
The time to come, long awaited
Basking into the sunrise before you open your eyes
The sour taste you left in my mouth was rapidly erased
By the sweet stench of escape

3AM Thoughts // AKA “How Bad It Was – How Good It’s Become.”

3 thoughts on “SOL: Juxtaposition

  1. Wow Alexa…
    The sweet stench of escape
    This lit me up. Thank you. You really have an incredible talent to get some much into so little.
    Straight, beautiful!

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