SOL: December

last night i loved you.
the house was empty and i invited you over on
fucking christmas eve
because my family was out of town and i wanted to see you.
your face and your cologne and your inept hands still
remind me of being eighteen and in love in the
back of your mom’s jeep as the radio
serenades us with wonderwall and it is all so simple.
i told you i loved you and you waited until i was naked to tell me
you have never really loved me and it was all a mistake.
5 years of longing down the drain.
you’re a fucking liar and you love to fuck me, fuck fuck fuck fuck me
fuck me over, i hate you.
i threw you out of the house and sobbed until
my chest collapsed into itself, until there were no more tears and only
a dank pit of anger and resentment.
you don’t deserve for me to turn this into

3AM Thoughts // AKA “It took another five years for us to extricate ourselves from each other’s lives.”

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