SOL: Me Vuelves Loca

First you managed to
Undermine my
Confidence, thrust a
Knife into the softer parts

Of skin
For pleasure
For fun, it was a

Charming game
At first but now I am filled with
Rapturous glee as you are
Lost in the shuffle
Overwhelmed by the
Stench of regret.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Left Behind, Reading Between the Lines.”

SOL: Pernicious

If ever you were to wonder why I loved him
It was for his poetic madness, his wild eyes
Clenching his teeth as he stared into mine
The addictive taste fear drips from lip to
Waiting tongue, it becomes all too much
Yet never enough
I sent him a restraining order and
He folded it into a paper crane with a
Savage smile thirty-two teeth too wide
The familiar sweaty handprints he left on my chest
On my lower back, on the nape of my neck
Impressions he longed to press into softest skin
Subliminal deceit he would whisper into
My ears as I would sleep, insatiable desires ate my lips
When we kissed, yet I complemented his sweetness
As deadly as it is

3AM Thoughts // AKA “A Mistake, A Lesson, A Warning.”