MIND: Equanimity

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.

// Carl Jung

MIND: Balance

Burnout occurs when your body and mind can no longer keep up with the tasks you demand of them. Don’t try to force yourself to do the impossible. Delegate time for important tasks, but always be sure to leave time for relaxation and reflection.

// Del Suggs

MIND: Lucid

That is the simple secret of happiness.
Whatever you are doing, don’t let past move your mind; don’t let future disturb you.
Because the past is no more, and the future is not yet.
To live in the memories, to live in the imagination, is to live in the non-existential.
And when you are living in the non-existential, you are missing that which is existential.
Naturally you will be miserable, because you will miss your whole life.

// Osho

MIND: Sewage

People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other’s personalities. Who wouldn’t? Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. But that’s not the clever trick. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept the flaws? Can you look at your partner’s faults honestly and say, ‘I can work around that. I can make something out of it.’?

Because the good stuff is always going to be there, and it’s always going to pretty and sparkly, but the crap underneath can ruin you.

Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage // Elizabeth Gilbert