SOL: Avanti

Let’s pretend that when I asked for space
you opened your arms to give me the moon and
stars, that I’m not still picking at remnants of scars
wounds I retreated to tend to and aspired to heal

Let’s say that when I left, you crumbled under the weight
of your own misgivings, the things you wish you would have said in the
moment, memories that will eat you alive until you surrender
into a state of perpetual craving

Let’s play a game and omit that I’m not the only one basking under
the full force of your affection, as if all my professions were true
your lips are multifaceted acts, singing lullabies and sweet fallacies
fake friends, repentant lovers, things better left unsaid under covers

Let’s envision a way this ends in peace –
we both know it won’t be with your arms wrapped around me.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Every day she falls more in love with someone new.”