SOL: Lost Love Letters

His celebration after the first time he kissed me did me in; I fell for him hook, line and sinker. It made me feel special – like it was a huge accomplishment to get to kiss me and he was just so ecstatic that he got to do it. I remember looking at his small arms sticking through his t-shirt and watching him collect himself before kissing me. His eyes were soft and intoxicating – they reminded me of you. I thought that in the moment, that he was looking at me like you used to and I sat there quietly drowning in happiness and pain. He was looking at me like he could love me, and isn’t that really the best way to be looked at?

Looking back, I should have taken the few precious moments we had together and bowed out quietly after realizing there was nothing more we could offer each other. We both knew full and well that what we were doing would not be sustainable and yet we charged forward brutishly with pig-headed determination. It speaks volumes to our mutual stupidity and proves with unequivocal certainty that people become certifiably insane when they think they are in the presence of love…

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Letters I Never Got Around To Sending You.”