MIND: Sliced

…I’ve never felt good with the crowd. I never belonged, I still do not belong, but the worst part is I do not even belong with the best ones, the living ones. I seem sliced off forever by some god damn trick, either my imagining or some type of insanity, but even the good ones leave me dangling and I feel like a fool, and I know that I am a fool for I feel what I know…

Screams From The Balcony // Charles Bukowski

MIND: Fiery

Self-love is the foundation for your capacity to love the other person.
If you don’t take good care of yourself, if you are not happy, if you are not peaceful, you cannot make the other person happy.
You cannot help the other person; you cannot love.

Your capacity for loving another person depends entirely on your capacity for loving yourself, for taking care of yourself.

// Thich Nhat Hanh

SOL: Homage

You exited my life with
As little fanfare as you entered.
A still-warm kiss on a lover’s
Forehead in the morning
Closing doors and speaking on
Tip-toe to pretend you are
Doing what you believe is just.
You make me weary.
Your absence leeches light from the
Hollows in my bones, but I abhor
To seek you, if only to prove to us both
That I do not need you.
I felt it when you kissed someone new and
I hoped her lips washed away the
Bitter taste I left behind.
Letter after letter was written by
Trembling hands, well-worn prose
I was too afraid to post.
Your existence is the knife I allow
To nestle in my right side as
A perpetual reminder that you left.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “You Sent Me Roses & I Kissed the Thorns.”