SOL: Aventura

In the time since you left my
Hair has grown longer and lighter than
It ever did when it was wrapped in your hands
I’ve been kissed by faceless lovers against medieval walls, under
Stained glass windows, doused with prosecco from greedy mouths
Laid myself bare in the Mediterranean sun
The adventures you once swore we would take
I took, I didn’t wait, I scrubbed the tattoo
We got from my skin and covered it with another
Expunged the wicked taste your tongue left behind and
Found solace in the knowledge that even
After all this time, it’s my laughter dancing
Endlessly through your mind

3AM Thoughts // AKA “I Passed On Patience When They Were Handing Out Virtues.”

SOL: 09/09

You used to tremble
Against me like just the sight of
Goosebumps on my bare flesh was
Electrifying enough to set your nerves on edge
You had to be nervous, if
Your hands could speak
They would have left whispers
On my hips, a lover’s kiss
Remember the ninth of September?
You told me you loved me
Under the covers, mid-sentence
I hadn’t felt that way before
(I never have since)

3AM Thoughts // AKA “You Still Cross My Mind After All This Time.”