SOL: Negligent

I remember her body like Corradini
Hard as stone until caressed, brought to
Life under nimble fingers, made soft, angelic
Vengeful Medusa, nimble queen
Elusive garden surrounded by
Rose-filled walls you would be
Best off not to climb, esa rosita tiene espinas
The smell she exudes is always
Tender, but even honey tastes sweet until
You feel the sting, enchanting with a smile like a
Lighthouse, shining through the darkness to
Help everyone else, never thinking to keep
Enough to save herself

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Strong Bones, Made for Storms.”

SOL: Rhetorical

It is better than he could have
Dreamed, being loved by me
He wakes up in sweat-soaked sheets
Aching to the teeth
The softest imprint
In his mind of my body
Emerging from the lake, covered in
Lilies, dripping with promise
He convulses in agony
Losing sleep, begging for an answer
What does it mean?

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Stronger than desire but weaker than poison.”