SOL: May

the summer sun is excruciatingly hot
sweat drips down my skin through
coarse pores and it isn’t even 10am
you told me to wait up for you last night and
like the goddamn fool i am, i sat here like a stone until
i woke up on the roof, covered in the remnants of the
citronella candle the wind blew over.
i smell like lemon. my throat is lined with sand. i burn. i ache.
the worst part of this is
i am still waiting for you.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “History Repeats Itself Until The Chemistry Doesn’t.”

MIND: Barbaric

in my barbaric tongue
flowers are called flowers
and about air I say air
and stepping on the pavement bricks
with my heels I tap in
brick brick brick
and I say stone so softly
as if stone were velvet
and I bury my face in your neck
as if a cat’s warm fur grew there
and I love
my barbaric tongue
and say: I love

In My Barbaric Tongue // Halina Poswiatowska

SOL: Me Vuelves Loca

First you managed to
Undermine my
Confidence, thrust a
Knife into the softer parts

Of skin
For pleasure
For fun, it was a

Charming game
At first but now I am filled with
Rapturous glee as you are
Lost in the shuffle
Overwhelmed by the
Stench of regret.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Left Behind, Reading Between the Lines.”

SOL: Sanctimonious

I slept with him and stole
His photos – he saw them reproduced and
Blamed me for
Appropriating his intellect, claimed
I had stolen his essence; scorned me for being
Devoid of ethics.
I sent him a reply months later by post
Asking him why he abhorred my actions of
Deceit when he had so adored the
Same insidiousness between sheets.

3AM Thoughts // AKA “The Hypocrisy of Men.”